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Helping improve home and health safety for the elderly through Safety Modifications.

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We Make Living & Staying at Home Easy!

Thanks to handicap home modifications, aging in place are more feasible than ever before. Keep Me Home Improvements assists elderly and disabled individuals statewide, live comfortably and safely at home. Our company provides a broad range of accessibility and modification services, including handicap home modifications. Here are a few ways to make your home safer and handicap accessible.

Bathroom Modifications

We can help with; tub or shower expansions, grab bar installations, comfort height toilets or sinks, and matching pedestal skins. Soon your bathroom can have a fresh, clean look with the safety you deserve.

Wheelchair Ramps

We construct all types of wheelchair accessible ramps for your home. We can blend the ramp in with your current landscape, so it looks natural and fitting with the style of your home.

Kitchen Modifications

Kitchen accessibility can range from doorway widenings to lowering counter tops to pull-down shelving and much more. We can help you function the way you should in a lovely, safe environment.




The KeepMeHome® Advantage

The KeepMeHome® Tradition: Providing Aging Services in Connecticut Since 1971 Whose ownership is born and bred right here in the Nutmeg state- We’re not going anywhere! Since 1971, KeepMeHome® and its ownership, has been engrained in the Healthcare Industry. We currently manage three large assisted facilities throughout Connecticut and a statewide home care and companionship agency called KeepMeHome® as well as LiveinCaregivers. KeepMeHome® has been in business since 1984 and is ACHC accredited with an A+BBB rating. Its sole purpose, just like its name, is to improve the quality of life for seniors and the disabled and keep them home for as long as possible. Everything we do is with the greatest of care and commitment to you. YOU’RE NOT ALONE WITH KEEP ME HOME!

Fully Licensed

Only licensed contractors with residential building and construction experience perform the structural modifications.

Background Checked

All of our consultants and laborers are fully background checked, including criminal, civil and socially.


We supervise our staff and perform follow-ups to assure everything is going smoothly and that you are fully satisified.


Our proven approach to home safety has been carefully refined over our 30 year history to keep you home, safe and comfortable for as long as possible.

We Keep You Home

Just as The Bower Group's home-care agency's mantra: "KeepMeHome", we exist to improve the quality of life for seniors by keeping them home for as long as possible. KeepMeHome is an ACHC accredited and state‐licensed and insured contractor specializing in home improvements and safety modifications for the accomodation of elderly individuals. Our staff is fully screened, tested, bonded and insured, and all of our workers are licensed in their areas of expertise. Best yet, the owners of KeepMeHome have a 40+ year history of providing comprehensive healthcare services in the state, so you can be assured to receive the greatest of care with the utmost compassion.

How about a home safety inspection?

What better way to get aquainted than to invite KeepMeHome to your home for a free in-home safety inspection? Our 100 point evaluation can uncover many simple changes that can prevent serious injury, and in many cases, modifiations may even be covered under your insurance.

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The KeepMeHome® Team: Paving the Way to Home Improvement

Our home improvement team is fully licensed and insured in remodeling, home accessibility, and overall home improvements. We are a state of CT registered home improvement contractor. We adhere to strict safety standards and are experts in constructing and modifying homes to meet the accessibility needs of seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Wheelchair Ramps

Are you having trouble getting into your home? We specialize in accessibility and handicap ramps and they can be portable or temporary ramps. We also modify existing walkways and install new ones too.

Comfort Height Sinks & Commodes

In order to accommodate wheelchair and walker accessibility, modify the kitchen sink so there’s an open space beneath. The knee clearance should be at least 27 inches high and 8 inches deep for adults. You can install sliding drawers at either side of the sink in which to store cleaning products. The drain and piping should be placed at the rear of the sink so wheelchairs can easily roll underneath. Pipes should also be insulated or enclosed so users don’t burn themselves when hot water is running. For the faucet, consider a single-lever or touch control model to make it easy to use. 

Bathroom & Bedroom Rails

Having trouble getting in and out of your bed, bath or shower? We install rails that can help give you the support you need to stay mobile and indepenent.

Grab Bars & Shower Seating

Is it difficult to shower? We can help you get in and out of the shower safely by installing grab bars, along with specialty seating so you can shower just like royalty. We can turn a tub into a shower and give you a spa like experience. You can choose from custom porcelain, ceramic, acrylic to marble bath and shower enclosures.

Doorway Widening

Is it challenging to get from room-to-room with your walker or wheelchair? Let’s us help you move around with ease by widening your doorways, installing handrails, and removing old carpets. When you do these modifications and replace carpet with laminate or wood flooring you are eliminating hazards.

Countertops & Breakfast Islands

Most kitchen counters are about three feet high. To make them more accessible for differently abled people, they should be lowered to 28-34 inches above the floor, depending on the individual’s needs. You may also consider adjustable counters, which can raise and lower between 28-36 inches. These are particularly useful for households with multiple users, such as a senior and their in-home care person. Ensure there’s empty space below the countertop to allow walkers and wheelchairs to go underneath.


Side-opening and drawer-style appliances are best. Appliances like microwaves should also be installed lower than usual, about 31 inches from the floor. For the stove, staggered burners and front-end controls ensure users don’t have to reach across hot burners. Light signals, as opposed to audible buzzers, are also helpful for those with hearing loss. Touch-pad controls are also best for people with limited strength or finger control. 


Many standard kitchen cabinets are too high or deep for people with a limited range of motion, and using a stepping stool may be unsafe. One option is to lower the cabinets. You can also install accessories such as adjustable and pull-down shelves, full-extension drawers, and lazy susans. Electric cabinets are also a possibility. These raise and lower and the touch of a button. For cabinet doors, consider using loop handles instead of knobs. Loops don’t require much hand movement, making them easier to use for people with arthritis. 


Want to freshen up your home with a new coat of paint? You don't have to worry about the hard to reach places. We provide professional painting services as well!


Thank you to all of our thousands of wonderful clients! Here are a few lines clients have written us recently.

Lewis and his team at Live-In Homecare are the best! They helped me find care for my Mom so I could keep her with us as long as possible.
Frank CapellaSouthington, CT
Lewis and his team at Live-In Homecare are the best! They helped me find care for my Mom so I could keep her with us as long as possible.
Sean SmithWallingford, CT

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